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Fox Bodyfit & Massage is located in the Settlers Run Golf & Country Club, Botanic Ridge (between Cranbourne South, Langwarrin and Pearcedale).

Fox Bodyfit & Massage provides its clients with 'one on one' training where they are surrounded by only me and a fully equipped Personal Training Studio or Massage Suite. Group training sessions are also available to those wishing to train with friends or others that would like to be involved in group exercise. Although exclusive, FOX Bodyfit & Massage is competitive to industry rates.

"My goal is to help you achieve your goals!"

Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society LTD,
Private Health Fund Provider & Fully Qualified

Personal trainer Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne, Langwarrin & Pearcedale

FOX Bodyfit & Massage will help you to achieve your resolutions. Thanks to a personal trainer in our exclusive personal fitness studio at the Settlers Run Golf & Country Club in Botanic Ridge, you could improve your cardiovascular fitness; lose weight and tone your muscles. Our personal training team is trained to follow your progress in rehabilitation training after illness or any operation and your muscular endurance will be increased with our sports specific training. We can adapt our one to one personal training to anyone’s individual needs, that’s why hypertrophy and strength training is available from our trainers for interested bodybuilders. More...


Remedial massage Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne, Langwarrin & Pearcedale

Whether it is improving your circulation, to reducing soft issue swelling, breaking down scar tissue after injuries or just reducing muscle tension, FOX Bodyfit & Massage provides Remedial Massage treatment also specifically catered for your needs. We’re based at the Settlers Run Golf & Country Club in Botanic Ridge and our massage and personal training services are available in a unique exclusive fitness room. More...



Sports trainer Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne, Langwarrin & Pearcedale

FOX Bodyfit & Massage provides the service of Sports training to sporting venues. This includes taping injured athletes, first aid to injuries, assessing cause of injuries, sports massage, rehabilitation advice and referrals More...




Rehab sports specific Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne, Langwarrin & Pearcedale

FOX Bodyfit & Massage also offers its services to Osteopath and Physiotherapy Clinics for rehabilitation clients as well as various Sporting Groups for ‘sports specific training’ and ‘sports training’. A skilled team is at your disposal for sports massage. More...




Nutritional advice Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne, Langwarrin & Pearcedale

Diet makes a big difference to performance and recovery for sports and training as well as body fat management. However, we need to be flexible and open minded to tailor nutrition to fit with our individual lifestyles. It is optimal to gradually change diet so it becomes a permanent lifestyle change. More...



Children's Health & Fitness

Learn how to help your family grow up healthy and fit. Fox Bodyfit & Masage shows you easy ways to help motivate your kids and fight childhood obesity through exercise and diet.Health and fitness for growing kids is vital to perform well at school. More...




Children's Nutrition

Children have unique nutritional needs. Not only must they meet their requirements for daily activity, but they must also meet the special needs of growth and development. It is important for children to eat a variety of healthy foods to meet these special needs. It is also essential that children receive all the nutrients they need to ensure that they grow and develop normally. Poor nutrition in childhood is difficult to make up for later in life.



Mini Moves

Mini Moves teach kids to be physically active in a fun atmosphere through games and activities. The programs are pre-choreographed and address all areas of fitness. Childhood obesity is at its greatest level in history. FOX Bodyfit & Masage provides Mini Moves program with great passion for children’s health and fitness. Click here for pricing.



Children's Birthday Party - Fitness Fun

Why not make your child’s birthday party not only full of fun but also active and healthy at the same time? Do something different to hiring a clown or a fairy princess or face painter… Have a fantastically fun birthday with FOX Bodyfit & Massage providing you with 1 to 2 hours of fitness and fun through games and activities. Catering for all fitness levels for children between the ages of 3-5 years and 6-12 years. Click here for pricing.